Journey 2 Learn began as a personal endeavour of parents Linda and Stuart Osman, navigating the unknowns of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in their youngest son, Larz. His unexpected behavioural outbursts and developmental challenges signalled a path different from his siblings. After securing a diagnosis of ASD Level 3 requiring very substantial support, the family’s journey took on a new direction.

Guided by professional expertise, Linda and Stuart initiated a 30-hour weekly, home-based intensive early intervention program for Larz. Despite initial resistance, Larz gradually acquired critical life skills – sitting at a table, holding a pencil, using the toilet independently, following basic instructions, and more. These gains came at the expense of time, commitment, and financial resources, but they marked essential progress in Larz's journey.

Believing in the importance of social inclusion and mainstream education,  Linda and Stuart secured a prep placement for Larz in the same school as his siblings, shouldering the additional costs for the substantial support he needed. A team of specialists worked closely with Larz, adapting the standard curriculum and implementing behaviour support programs. This approach, starting with just two hours of daily schooling, enabled Larz to transition to a full-time student within his first year.

Larz’s development in the mainstream school environment exceeded expectations. He demonstrated academic prowess, particularly excelling in maths, art, and science. His communication skills improved markedly, enhancing his independence and relationship-building capabilities with his peers - accomplishments seemingly unimaginable in his early years.

Larz in school
Two students working at their desk

Inspired by Larz's remarkable progress, Linda and Stuart felt compelled to support other families on similar journeys. A generous donation enabled the construction of a specialised facility mimicking a mainstream school environment. This transitional space aids neurodivergent children and their families, bridging the gap between specialised support and mainstream education.

And thus, Journey 2 Learn was born on the Gold Coast, a testament to one family's dedication and an embodiment of hope and support for many others.