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Located on the Gold Coast, Journey 2 Learn is a leading provider of Early Childhood Intervention & Therapy Support Services for neurodivergent children. Our team of dedicated and specialised support professionals collaborate closely with the child's support network, ensuring each child receives top-tier care tailored to their specific needs at our centre or the child's school.

Our team's extensive knowledge of neurodivergent traits facilitates the creation of comprehensive and targeted training programs, beneficial not only for the children we work with but also for their families. By extending our supportive environment beyond our therapy, we help foster a better understanding and management at home.

We are committed to delivering individualised therapy and intervention programs that address each child's unique needs. Recognising that every child is different, our approach prioritises one-on-one support. This personalised attention allows us to offer comprehensive assistance to neurodivergent children, including those requiring substantial or very substantial support.

While we do not provide educational services, we strongly advocate for inclusive education within mainstream schools for neurodivergent children. Research shows that children with disabilities often perform better both academically and socially in inclusive mainstream school settings, as opposed to specialised education settings (Oh-Young & Filler, 2015). With this understanding, we actively support and promote the inclusion of neurodivergent children in regular classrooms.

Our primary objective at Journey 2 Learn is to empower families and stakeholders. We aim to equip them with the confidence and knowledge needed to adjust plans effectively, optimising outcomes for the child. By focusing on individual capabilities and building upon a child's strengths, we have witnessed remarkable results.

Navigating neurodivergence is not a journey that families should walk alone. That's why we are here, providing expertise, guidance, and support at each step of the journey. For more information about our team and services, we invite you to continue exploring our site or to contact us directly. Together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of neurodivergent children.

Vision, Mission & Values

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Our Vision

To provide the Neurodiverse
with greater independence

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Our Mission

To transform the lives of
Neurodiverse Children

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Our Values

Passionate and collaborative team