At Journey 2 Learn, we are dedicated to enhancing the lives of neurodivergent children.

Our Child Services are:

  • Behaviour Therapy Support
  • Early Childhood Intervention Support
  • Individual Social Skills Development
  • At School Positive Behaviour Support

Our comprehensive services utilise a unique blend of Positive Behaviour Support, CPI Safety Intervention, Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS), and Social and Emotional Learning programs. Our highly trained and experienced behaviour therapists offer personalised, One-on-One Support and promote inclusion within educational settings for well-rounded development.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Behavioural Therapy (Using Positive Behaviour Support)
Our Behavioural Therapy services make use of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) - a progressive approach that emphasises improving the child's quality of life while concurrently decreasing the frequency of challenging behaviours. By teaching new skills to replace challenging behaviours, we provide a conducive environment for learning and personal growth. Research has consistently shown PBS to be an effective method in fostering social skills and reducing problematic behaviours (Lucyshyn et al., 2007).

CPI Safety Intervention Foundation for Children
In our therapeutic toolbox, we also utilise the CPI Safety Intervention Foundation for Children approach. This model, grounded in trauma-informed and person-centred principles, aims to navigate and manage disruptive behaviours effectively. The overall goal is to promote optimal functioning and to reduce potentially stressful situations, helping children to feel safe, respected, and heard.

Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS)
Alongside PBS and CPI, we incorporate Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) - an evidence-based model of psychosocial treatment originated and developed by D.Ross Greene in the U.S. CPS emphasises problem-solving and proactive strategies, facilitating the development of critical skills such as flexibility, frustration tolerance, and problem-solving. CPS has been supported by research as an effective approach in managing challenging behaviour and improving family relationships (Greene et al., 2004).

Social and Emotional Learning
Our services also encompass Social and Emotional Learning, facilitated through the Kimochis® program. These initiatives help neurodivergent children understand and regulate their emotions, set and achieve goals, and build healthy relationships. Multiple studies demonstrate the positive impacts of such programs on academic performance, mental health, and behaviour in children, including neurodivergent children. (Payton et al., 2008).

One-on-One Support

Our team of highly trained and experienced behaviour and inclusion therapists provides personalised one-on-one support, tailoring our approach to each child's unique needs and goals. Research supports this approach, showing that children who receive 20-30 hours per week of one-on-one therapy make significant developmental gains (Prior and Roberts, 2006).

Life Skills School Holiday Program

During the school holidays, Journey 2 Learn offers a program with a focus on life and social skills development.

The school holiday program is a short-term program that aims to develop the child’s functional abilities in the area of social skills including turn-taking and sharing, play, social communication, friendship formation, and engagement in outdoor activities.

Journey 2 Learn life skills program creates a fun, non-threatening environment in which children can learn the skills they need to understand emotions, problem solve, and manage their emotions in everyday settings.

Inclusion in Educational Environments

At Journey 2 Learn, we believe in the critical role that educational settings and interaction with peers play in the development of neurodivergent children. We ensure that our interventions extend into these key environments, promoting practical skills application and social interaction. Research supports this integrated approach, highlighting the positive impact of inclusion in educational settings for neurodivergent children (Odom et al., 2004).

At Journey 2 Learn, we are passionate about aiding neurodivergent children to unlock their full potential. Through our specialised services, dedicated therapists, and commitment to inclusive practices, we create a nurturing and productive environment for your child's development.

Please Note: NDIS funding cannot be used to fund services provided at schools.